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For Sale by Owner FAQ

If you have any additional questions, feel free to return to our Flat Fee page and fill out the Contact Form located at the bottom of the page.

What other sites will my property be posted to?

In addition to the MLS, it automatically gets posted to,, and local agents websites.

If I am choosing the for sale by owner route, why am I still paying commissions?

Although you will not have to pay commissions to the selling Realtor, it is common practice for the seller to pay commission to the buyer’s agent (if they have one) from the proceeds of the transaction. However, these terms can be negotiated and differ from one transaction to another. 

How do I know the best listing price for my property?

There are a few options. One option is to have your house appraised by a licensed appraiser. Alternatively, one of our qualified agents will run a detailed comparative market analysis so you can choose the best listing price.

What is HōM’s involvement in this process?

We are responsible for imputing the information into the MLS. However, the customer is responsible for gathering that information for us to input into the MLS. The FSBO flat fee option is aimed at offering customers cost-effective and efficient ways to maximize your property’s exposure.

Why do I have to pay additional for a yard sign?

To ensure the cost to you, the customer is the lowest it can be, we offer you the option of opting out of yard signs. The additional cost is to cover HōM for the material good costs. However, not all customers desire to purchase a yard sign. We are always looking for feedback on feedback. If you feel we should change our model, feel free to give us your feedback.

I signed up for the flat fee, but now I am overwhelmed with the process. Can I fall back on HōM to take over the transaction?

Our first priority is to our customers, we would be more than happy to take over the transaction for you. We can negotiate a listing agreement and the fees to cover our time. Your flat fee will be incorporated and subtracted from the negotiated commission due to us.

I no longer wish to sell my house, can I get a refund for the flat fee service?

We consider all flat fee transactions to be final. Having the accessibility to post on local MLS’s costs HōM agents monthly payments. So although a customer may change their mind, we have still invested in our customers on the belief that they are going to be successful in selling their home.

Who pays for inspections?

Typically the buyer pays for inspections to be made, but this can be negotiated.