Our Virtual Transaction Coordinator can help you make the most of your time by taking key tasks off your plate. 

What Do We Do?


  • Open escrow with the Title Company if possible
  • Review the contract for completeness and pursue necessary parties for outstanding initials, signatures and dates.
  • žSend agent an email outlining important dates
  • Send Introductory Email to the lender, title company, client and co-op agent; introducing your transaction coordinator and requesting that all paperwork and communications related to the transaction be directed to them
  • Establish file in your Broker system of record, upload documents and contact information.

transactional management

  • Coordinate inspections when necessary – communicating and scheduling with the buyer and seller.
  • Send any applicable TREC Compliance documents out for signature to the client
  • Stay in communication with the client, lender, and title to ensure timely closing
  • Provide weekly summaries with the status of each transaction and deadlines
  • žOrder and review the title report. Notify you of any issues and help to resolve.
  • žOn-going system of record maintenance as documents are submitted and changes are made 
  • Clerical help with amendments or changes to the contract 
  • For Buyers:
    • Send a detailed email requesting home warranty selection and follow up until a selection is made. 
    • Email buyer to remind them to secure home owner’s insurance
    • Send inspection invoices to the title company if unpaid
  • For Sellers:
    • Order payoffs and tax, water & sewer certs. and HOA information if needed
    • Collect any outstanding invoices to send to the Title Company

PRE-CLOSING & closing

  • žSchedule final walkthrough and closing with your clients, the title company and you.
  • žVerify loan commitment with client’s lender, provide copies and notify you of any problems in underwriting.
  • Arrange for “key swap” with the other agent 
  • Update property in MLS and verify “closed” with proper agent information
  • “Claim” sale on Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com on behalf of agent


  • Close transaction in your management system
  • Provide a “Just Sold” social media graphic for you
  • Update client contact information if changed (addresses)
  • Provide a congratulatory email to your client prompting them to leave a review for you with clickable links. 
  • Send “Just Sold” postcards upon closing (additional (at cost) mailing and supply cost applies)

$350 per transaction 

$100 NONREFUNDABLE DEPOSIT, the balance paid at closing