What if I’m a brand new agent?

We have a mentorship program designed to launch your business with both sales and systems. Our goal is to create and develop CEO style agents who understand their business and are building towards a sustainable legacy.

Do you offer any other commission structures?

We do offer a tiered commission structure for those looking to build up to the 100% commission model. It is a 80/20 split with a $15,000 cap. Our goal is to help our agents “graduate” to the flat, monthly fee as quickly as possible. 

What are the benefits to building a team?

Any additional licensed agents on the team are $175 per month. You can set your team up with whatever commission structure works for you and your team members. While we have minimum standards for team leaders, we encourage our agents to build teams to grow their businesses.

Do you ever offer discounted fees or exceptions?

You can get a free month of brokerage services. We have a discount for paying your fee annually rather than monthly because this saves time on administrative tracking and we roll that benefit back to you.

What are the recruitment rewards?

For every agent recruited, you receive a bonus.

How do team setups work?

We give you the freedom to set your team up your way. Do whatever splits are agreed upon between you and the agents on your team are up to you, however, to help offset E&O and administrative costs, we do charge per person.

Fees for teams of 2 or more Sales Agents will be assigned as follows:

  • Each additional Sales Agent within the Primary Sales Agent team will be paid out as designated by the Primary Sales Agent agreement to the Supporting Sales Agent.
  • For every Supporting Sales Agent, the monthly fee will be increased by $175 / month

Fees for each employee under a Primary Sales Agent is as follows:

  • Primary Sales Agents will pay Employee as laid out in the Employee agreement & as agreed upon by the Employee & Primary Sales Agent.
  • For every licensed employee the Primary Sales Agent’s monthly fee will increase by $100/month. (This excludes virtual assistants that is covered by E&O insurance from an outside company)
  • For every non-licensed employee, the monthly fee will be increased by $50 / month

We are always happy to answer your questions and set up a time to discuss. Let’s talk!