Identifying as a “sales person” is often a real struggle. We have the heart to genuinely help but feel that by asking for business we are being “salesy” or “spamming” our friends. The thing is, we have a value to offer to our clients and our agents because our primary drive is often rooted in a true core value. We want to help people get to the finish line, we want to see them accomplish their goals, we enjoy the challenge of making a difficult process easier for someone else. These are assets to our clients and we should embrace that.

get over yourself

It’s amazing how we can stand in the way of our own progress. Constantly self sabotaging the strengths that we have. If you’re struggling with the “I’m not a sales person” or “I don’t want to bug people” mentality it starts with your headspace. Ask yourself these questions

Why did you get into sales?

What makes you stay in sales?

Remind yourself of your “big why” and what motivates you to do well. You offer tremendous value to your clients and you’ve got to believe that they’re lucky to have you. If you’re just starting and struggling with the confidence of being an expert – overcompensate by studying your market and trends. Be solution oriented and come up with a solution to battle your insecurities or weaknesses. Get out of your head, and start doing the work. You are providing value. Make the calls because people need you and you’ve got to tell them why.

One of the most valuable things I’ve learned from mentors in my past is to rewrite the definition of the word “salesperson” in my head. Most sales people are phenomenally good with people, kind hearted, driven, compassionate, and likable. The “used car salesman” definition need not apply to your business. Make sure you’re taking steps to keep that perception away from your business for yourself and your clients.

Rewrite your scripts

Rewrite your own script. There are so many effective real estate scripts out there – most of them lack heart and authenticity. If you struggle with saying the words that are written on these sales tools, rewrite them. Soften the language, think about how it would make you feel, and make adjustments that help you embrace the script. It’s amazing how believing what you’re saying can change the way your message is received. People have an animal instinct for recognizing fake – create a real script that reflects you and your values.

Create your story

You have a story. Have you ever tried to tell it?

People will connect with you and your brand more if it comes with a story. We all have one, so take the time to put pen to paper on what you’d like people to know about what makes you great, how you got where are you are in business, what value you are adding to the industry and to them.

It may not always be the right time to tell your story (I mean, aren’t we more focused on our clients anyway?) but when it is, you’ll have a better grasp on how to make an impact when telling it. What drives you to be better and do a great job for your clients? What part of the business keeps you engaged and loving what you’re doing?

have conversations

We are in the business of conversations and connections. If you aren’t having conversations about real estate, you are not selling real estate. Get out there and speak to people face to face, pick up the phone, send a text to set up a meeting, do what you’ve got to do to lead to actual conversations.

This may sound like a “no excuses” approach to selling, but the underlying theme here is that at the end of the day, you have value, you are likeable, and that’s how you’re going to do your job. So embrace your strengths and do some work.