In any industry, we are forced to adapt and change to survive. Real estate is not special and is subject to both technological challenges as well as societal changes. We’ve witnessed the beginning of the e-buyer evolution and it is likely that consumers will continue to take to the internet for their education. It’s also likely that because of this oversaturated technological wave, you may find success in the simple and effective ways of the past – the calls, texts, and mail direct to your client and consumer. So, what does the future of real estate look like?

We, unfortunately, do not have a crystal ball, but we follow the futurist theories and opinions to see what may lie in store for our industry. Some leading thoughts:

  • There may be much fewer real estate agents and only the strong and adaptable survive and thrive. While the majority of the business is already done by the minority, (remember the 80/20 rule) the trends are pointing towards a need for hardwork and adaptation.
  • Continued automation of tasks is likely, however, there are still aspects of the real estate transaction that suggests a professional is still the best option. For example, negotiations, making sense of the data, and helping to protect the client.

Building a collective of agents that can work together, lift each other up in both mind and skills, and collaborate to tackle the changing industry is a huge benefit of working with a forward thinking brokerage. Our brokerage leaves more money in the agent’s pocket so that they can continue to adapt, innovate, and give back to their business and promote growth.

Let’s get out there and beat the odds!