I am absolutely fascinated by the idea of outsourcing in real estate. Making your life easier, one task at a time. So many of the day-to-day tasks can be automated and outsourced in an efficient way that helps you accomplish more.

Want to hear why you shouldn’t (immediately) say no to outsourcing? I recently learned of a company that had been in the business of creating quality awards and plaques for more than 20 years. They earned about 10-15% on the sale of their products on average when they learned of a company that could do the same job for substantially cheaper than they ever could have accomplished in their smaller market. So, what did they do? Turn in the towel? Quit? Absolutely not. They used that company to create their products for their customers and turned that 10-15% profit into 40%. Yep. 40% profit margin.

Now, there’s a fine line with all great things and that holds true with outsourcing. You’ve got to find a balance (and the right tools) to help you continue to provide impeccable service along the way. But, you’re already one step ahead of the curve – never stop looking for good solutions to bad business problems.

What Can I Outsource?

The real question starts to become, what can’t I outsource. There are companies created every day to fill the needs of people just like you. Some of the tasks listed below are obvious places to outsource in your business, and perhaps some are new to you. 

  • Staging
  • Photography
  • Social Media
  • Transaction Management
  • Virtual Assistant 
  • Email management
  • Graphic Design
  • Phone Answering
  • Appointment Setting & Calendar Management
  • Lead Prospecting
  • Research
  • Hiring
  • Personal Errands – Grocery shopping, meal prep, etc.

Many of the business tasks listed above have entire companies dedicated to fulfilling this portion of your business. You can hire people “in-house” to do absolutely anything listed above – the benefit to outsourcing is that the training and turnover is in someone else’s hands and your contract is easily moved to another company if you’re not happy. 

Think outside the box when looking to expand your business. It’s fun! What’s your favorite thing to outsource?