Hack: Focus on the people you already know and then add technology in for a winning combination. Whether you’ve been selling for years or you’re just getting started, taking the time to prospect for new business is a necessity for a sustainable career in real estate. “Prospecting” is different for everyone – today, we’re focusing on people you already know.

You’ve already got a connection, that’s great! Today, everybody knows multiple Realtors so how can you stand out amongst the rest? Here are a few very simple strategies to help you stay connected to the right people and convert your friends and contacts into leads.

Who is on this list? Well – everybody! People you attend the gym with, friends, family, neighbors, people you have volunteered or served with, church family, people you’ve met at the grocery store, people you do business with. Think outside the box and deepen those connections.

Upload Your Database to Facebook Ad Page

This will allow you to target the people you already know (you can always widen the reach, but focus on making a lasting impression on people you already connect with). This will allow you to more easily close your contacts who are on the fence. Facebook is a great “bang for your buck” marketing tool.

Provide Value

We’re huge advocates of a value added approach. People looking to buy and sell real estate want value and what is more valuable than a promotion of your services? Well, providing information (for free) that helps them make better decisions, learn more about the market, and see you as the expert. The traditional method of advertising your face along with a “I’m the best!” type slogan is dwindling – highlight your expertise without the sales pitch and see how that changes your conversations.

Real estate videos are a great way to provide information quickly and make a deeper connection with your database. Make a few informational videos and design the ad around the video rather than a “Sell With Me” approach.


This is even easier when you start using technology to your benefit. When using a video, you can retarget those who have watched 50% or more of the video – these are people who have shown some interest in what you’re doing. Now, with Facebook ads on your side, they can see more.


Advertising only matters if you convert these leads into conversations and appointments. Stay in touch with people and meet them in person when possible! Have fun and make deeper connections with a solid group – they can prove to be your best referral sources as allow you to simplify your life.