Sometimes the best way to evaluate if you’re ready is to tell you when NOT to hire. So, here it goes. Don’t hire if:

  • You’re desperate to fill the role immediately
  • It doesn’t make financial sense

For obvious reasons, hiring someone when you’re desperate may lead to poor decision making and settling for the wrong person for the job. Similarly, if you aren’t financially able to take on the responsibility of paying your employee, it’s not time… yet. 

If you’re still in the game, let’s talk. 

In today’s world, there are many ways to accomplish day-to-day tasks without hiring a full-time employee, so, if you haven’t tried part-time help, virtual assistants, or outsourcing what can be outsourced, then you may want to start there. 

Now, you’re pretty sure it’s time to take the leap. A full-time employee is probably in your future. What you need to know before you hire:

  • What is the role of the employee?
  • What can you afford?

Defining roles is a good exercise for you and will give the employee a better roadmap to success. Employees want to feel fulfilled and often that includes a thorough understanding of how they’ll contribute to the company. Once you have the list of tasks and responsibilities, you can use it to identify what type of personality would be best suited for the role. Is it someone who enjoys organizing and planning? Is it someone who is outgoing and spirited?

Taking it One Step Further – Disc Profiles

More than likely, as your first hire, you’re looking for someone to take over the more clerical, accounting, and paperwork aspects of your business. In these cases, we strongly recommend using the DISC assessment in your hire. Tony Robbins offers a free one that you can have your potential employees fill out. There are many more thorough ones that can dig a little deeper and interpret the profile more for you. Example Profile (Highly recommend, especially when getting started) 

We’ll evaluate what type of DISC profiles work best for different jobs in another post so stay tuned!