Have you ever noticed those moments when you completely change your mind into a positive space and then things just fall into place? Yeah. Us too.

This works in so many ways – as agents, it’s easy to fall into the negative mindset and fear-based mentality, but that doesn’t help anybody – not us, not our clients. A healthy dose of realism is always welcomed, but let’s hope for the best, work towards the best, and to come up with solutions rather than dwell on problems.

We were lucky enough to get coaching from a phenomenal, up and coming firm who teaches about Emotional Responses and how we, as humans, can often get sucked into a negative headspace – it’s part of being human. This training taught us to recognize those human traits and how to work through them to get to the end goal much more quickly. What’s the end goal? Well, it’s a little different for everybody, but happiness, solution-based mentality, and inspiration are a few of the positive emotional reactions that you can choose from. These sound much better than fear, stress, anger and anxiety – so why not learn to get to the good feelings more quickly?!

If you’re interested in training like this one, reach out to us, we’ll be happy to teach you what we know and to point you in the direction of quality coaches that can lead you through the exercise we went through – it was mind-changing 🙂

Have a great week!